Affectionately known as the Baa Boys, Bromley and Jobey are twin “Baby Doll” Southdown sheep which reside in the backyard at Saturday Farm. They were born at the Golden Touch Farm in Westport, Massachusetts, were hand-raised by Cindy and Harry from birth, and are considered part of the family.  Southdown sheep are recognized in Great Britain by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust as a native vintage breed. Unlike their English predecessors, Bromley and Jobey will be around for a long time to keep you company, and are not raised for meat. The boys are sheared once a year, in late spring. Cindy uses their wool to stuff pillows and the insides of winter boots. 

You will probably see the Baa Boys out grazing in the backyard on nice afternoons. You are welcome to enjoy them, pet them, and take photos, but sometimes (just like people) they can be shy. Bromley and Jobey do an excellent job of mowing the lawn, picking up leaves, and fertilizing the garden.