Owners, Cindy & Harry

Saturday Farm is lovingly cared for by owners Cindy Sauers and Harry Eisener. Both started out their professional lives with corporate careers in computer software. The couple met in 1994 on a consulting assignment and would meet up in project locations around the world to work together as colleagues. Within two years, their professional collaboration blossomed into a long-distance romance.

By 1997, Cindy decided to move back to New England to be closer to Harry and purchased Saturday Farm. Inside were beautiful large-plank floors from the original colonial construction period, along with three fireplaces and a cast iron tub. She lived at Saturday Farm and worked as an artist, creating paintings for local exhibits. Harry lived in Plymouth, and the couple began to solidify their life-long partnership.

Cindy and Harry decided to collaborate on a total house remodel and together refurbished the Saturday Farmhouse into the vacation home it is today; Harry officially joined his love when he moved to Saturday Farm in 2002. 

With the addition of carefully-chosen antique furniture, household items, books, and design components, Saturday Farm is the result of many hours of hard work and dedication. Cindy is an herbalist, artist, shepherd, gardener, and the manager of Saturday Farm. You’ll see the fruits of Cindy’s labor throughout the garden, along with pieces of her artwork on the walls of the house. Harry is a general contractor who spends time refurbishing Saturday Farm along with other Cape vacation homes, residences, and commercial properties. They both care deeply about preservation of the home’s original structures and want guests to find inspiration in their creativity–in the garden, paintings, textures, scents, sounds, fresh air, and animals on the property.

As Cindy describes it,

When you 'own' a house over 200 years old, you never feel like an 'owner.’ You are actually a steward. Even if we own this house for the rest of our lives it will only be a small percentage of the lifetime of the house.” 

Cindy and Harry live in a small cottage behind Saturday Farm, next to an old barn, which Cindy uses as a personal guest house and art studio.