Cape Cod Farmhouse Rental

Saturday Farm house

available for summer and off-season rentals

The Saturday Farmhouse is a 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom, meticulously maintained 1790 house available for summer and off-season rentals with it's own large yard and plenty of privacy.   Next door is a barn, a caretakers cottage (Holly House, where Harry and Cindy live) and two wooly sheep, Bromley and Jobey.  
It's a small farm, but it also has hundreds of lavender plants, roses, herbs, and a huge crop of Saturdays.
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Bromley and Jobey with their winter coats

Bromley and Jobey

are original, authentic, southdown sheep; an ancient breed.  They're twin wethered boys born on the Inauguration Day of President Baarock Obaama.  (Although this does not necessarily define their political affiliation.)  At 1 week old they arrived on Saturday Farm during a cold winter storm and were tucked into the barn and bottle fed by Cindy and Harry.

Your own private backyard w/firepit, hammock, picnic table, wooden bench swing and more. (September photo)
Harry, Cindy and Jobey, fall, 2015